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Storage Unit Auctions

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UnitFacility NameNameAddressCityStatePhone NumberAuction DateAuction TimeManner of Sale
C44American Way StorageJohn Thomas1035 N. MorganShelbyvilleIL217-215-30806/14/20233:00pmOnline Auction
81American Way StorageDebbi Sizemore100 S. Paw PawTaylorvilleIL217-215-30806/14/20233:00pmOnline Auction
43American Way Storage James Thomas100 S. Paw PawTaylorvilleIL217-215-30806/14/20233:00pmOnline Auction
7American Way StorageElizabeth Bingham100 S. Paw PawTaylorvilleIL217-215-30806/14/20233:00pmOnline Auction
26American Way StorageStacey Karnes945 East Route 16Tower HillIL217-215-30806/14/20233:00pmOnline Auction
102American Way StorageAmber Wilkey200 Van Voorhis Dr.TuscolaIL217-215-30806/21/20233:00pmOnline Auction
248American Way StorageShirley Van Hoose906 S. WashingtonTuscolaIL217-215-30806/21/20233:00pmOnline Auction
29American Way StorageJasmine Vernia3094 N. 8th Rd. WenonaIL217-215-30806/21/20233:00pmOnline Auction
87American Way StorageMurlin Burwell301 S. SycamoreVilla GroveIL217-215-30806/21/20233:00pmOnline Auction

American Way Storage is proud to offer information as part of its newspaper of general circulation for in areas where we are located. All sales shall take place not sooner than 15 days after the first publication, and this publications is updated daily. Publications shall be posted at least 10 days before the date of the sale or other disposition and notices are also posted throughout our locations.