How do I rent a unit?

Give us a call or text at 217.215.3080 or send us an email at

How do I pay for my unit?

You can pay either online or through the mail.  Please check out our “How to Pay” page for more details.

What do I do if I lost my key?

Should you lose your key and need your lock removed, give us a call at 217.215.3080 to schedule an appointment.

Who has access to my storage space?

You are the only one with access to your space. You lock it – you keep the key.

Do you sell moving & packing supplies?

No, we do not sell moving or packing supplies.

Why I am still being charged for a space that I’ve vacated?

There are two reasons: your space was found locked after your planned vacate date OR your space is still occupied with some of your belongings. If you believe there is an error in your billing, please contact us by phone.

Do you provide locks?

You’ll need to provide your own lock and key so that you are the only one with access to your space. We highly recommend a disc lock or a padlock with a thick shackle.

Do you offer insurance for my possessions?

You are responsible for securing your items while in the storage container. Often, homeowners’ insurance will provide coverage at your residence and during transit.

How does billing work?

Your rent is prorated so that it is due on the first of each month. We do charge a one-time, non-refundable service fee upon the rental of your unit.

What is the minimum rental commitment?

American Way Storage has a one-month minimum rental commitment.  All spaces operate as month-to-month rentals.